The Chest of Drawers

Chris Mullins -

  • The Introduction.
    The Introduction.

    Chris Mullins is the best photographer around. Period. End of story. And I’ve been lucky enough to work with him several times (see above link).

    So, me being little ol’ me, thinking it would be no big deal to shoot this uber-fashionable photographer, just up and asked him. Of course he said yes. Chris is one of the nicest guys ever… ever. But as the day of our shoot began creeping closer, another thought began to dawn on me, “I’m going to have to take photos of one of the most talented photographers I’ve ever met.“Oh, shit.

    Why the severity of this situation didn’t dawn on me initially and instantly dissuade me from even asking him, I’ll never know. I mean, it’s almost meta! Taking photos of the king of taking photos? Me!? Who, if we’re going to be completely honest, actually has frighteningly little knowledge of the camera she carts around? I began to sweat profusely and didn’t stop until I left his house Tuesday afternoon.

    But let’s stop talking about me and what turned out to be the most nerve-racking shoot of my life. Let’s focus on Chris and his wardrobe. Because it’s good… it’s really good.

    Chris is the definition of a sartorialist. He has a uniform and the tweaks he makes to said uniform are what makes him special. I haven’t known Chris long, but I’ve never seen him in anything but an impeccably tailored ensemble. It matters not whether it’s a t-shirt, a button-up, or a hoodie. It fits him like a glove (tailoring, ladies and gentlemen, try it) and is paired with an equally well-tailored pair of denim. There is nothing particularly outstanding about the individual items he chooses, but it is the care and thoughtfulness that goes into his fit. Had he failed to nip and tuck here and there, his uniqueness would have been lost. But this attention to detail in a world of fast-fashion renders Chris a one-of-a-kind dresser.

    I fear my photos do little justice to the expansive, yet edited wardrobe of this collector. Boxes upon boxes of Air Jordans, tubs of eclectic bow ties, several Brixtons meticulously wrapped and nestled together. In line with his uniform methodology of dressing, Chris doesn’t possess a hodge podge of random goodies. He owns several styles, colors, and combinations of items he loves and knows work well.

    And man, is it working well.


  • The One with Chris's Chest of Drawers.
    The One with Chris’s Chest of Drawers.

    Describe your personal style:

    Southern gentleman meets hip hop. See my collection of snap backs, Air Jordans, and plaid for details.

  • The One with All Those Plaid Shirts.
    The One with All Those Plaid Shirts.

    Items you skimp on? Why?

    I get a lot of my button up shirts from thrift stores. It’s an easy thing to find for a few bucks, and if they have a great pattern but don’t fit quite right, then you can always have them tailored.

  • The One with a Row of Raybans.
    The One with a Row of Raybans.

    Items you splurge on? Why?

    A good pair of jeans and sunglasses. I wear jeans 6 days a week, so it only makes sense to splurge on something I’ll get so much use out of. I can’t do cheap sunglasses, and I’ve never had a problem losing or breaking them so it works for me.

  • The One with Boxes, Boxes, and More Boxes.
    The One with Boxes, Boxes, and More Boxes.

    “If you want to see an Air Jordan show, just let me know. All of those boxes are filled with them.”

    [Editor's Note: If you want to see a baller, just look at Chris Mullins.]

  • The One with an Artist in His Studio.
    The One with an Artist in His Studio.

    How does your work affect your wardrobe?

    Being self employed in a creative field, I’m very lucky because I can wear pretty much whatever I want. It allows me the opportunity to experiment and try new things.

  • The One with Beautiful Bowties.
    The One with Beautiful Bowties.

    Where are your favorite places to shop?

    It really depends what I’m looking for. I do a lot of digging at thrift stores. I also have a friend who has a nose like a bloodhound for all things cool, and I’ve actually acquired a lot of pieces from him over the years… [continued]

  • The One with Classic and Cool... Michael Jackson Replicas.
    The One with Classic and Cool… Michael Jackson Replicas.

    “If we’re talking KC retail, I would say places like Cole Haan, Nordstrom, Marshalls, Standard Style Boutique, Banana Republic, etc…”

  • The One with a Snappy Fellow.
    The One with a Snappy Fellow.

    First adult purchase?

    Well I bought a 42 inch zero-turn riding mower when I was 16 for the lawn care business I ran at the time …but that’s another story. My first adult clothing purchase was probably when I graduated high school. My dad took me to Jos A. Banks and helped me pick out a classic navy suit. He told me a good suit would last me for years, and he was right because I still have it.

  • The One Reppin' KC!
    The One Reppin’ KC!

    Pare-down or stock-up?

    I tend to stock up. I definitely need to do a closet evaluation and lighten the load a bit.

  • The One with a Bit of Flair.
    The One with a Bit of Flair.

    Advice to fellow wardrobe enthusiasts?

    Buy items that fit. Period. If an item doesn’t fit right, you won’t feel confident in it and it will just sit in the closet.

  • The One with Shoe Laces.
    The One with Shoe Laces.

    Things you can’t stop wearing:

    My jeans from Imogene and Willie, Ray Ban aviators, Cole Haan boots.

    [Editor's Note: Guys and gals, check out this brand, Imogene and Willie. Seriously some of the coolest denim around. Ladies, there is a pair of high-waisted ones we should all buy immediately.]

  • The End.
    The End.

    Three things you would die without:

    Camera, guitar, and phone.