The Chest of Drawers

Josh Jackaway -

  • The Introduction.
    The Introduction.

    Oh, man alive. Literally. Josh Jackaway is a man’s man. When we first met a year ago, I imagined that when he got off work he went home to a tent around a campfire and chopped some wood for said campfire while eating beans from a can. Well, that’s not exactly true. In fact, it’s not true at all. Josh lives in a lovely, studly apartment in South Plaza that resembles no tent I’ve ever camped in nor was there a campfire in sight. I must admit, I was slightly bummed.

    But you know what I’m not bummed about in the slightest? Josh Jackway, in general. Even though he’s not the horse ridin’, calf ropin’, tobacka chewin’ (Not really, kids. Don’t do drugs.) guy I originally thought he was, he’s so much better. In fact, he’s the full-time connections architect at his church and a full-time graduate student and he works at Standard Style on the side! Whew, talk about soooo much better.

    Josh is the guy, who I’m not kidding, always brings snacks. He always remembers your name (i.e. see anecdote about the tattoo artist later in this feature). And, shoot, he even helped me put my jacket on as I left his home. I would even venture to bet that had I asked him to walk me to my car, he would have carried all of my belongings and opened the flippin’ door for me. Man… alive…

    But enough about Josh’s heart and the fact that he makes you feel as though you are the most important person in the world and that he can’t believe he’s lucky enough to be talking to you of all people. Enough about that. Let’s talk about the important stuff. Let’s not forget folks, it’s what’s on the outside, not the inside that’s the most important thing in the world.

    So, let’s talk about style! “My two style icons, ironically, are Steve McQueen and Indiana Jones. I think it’s because I grew up where that was the essence of what a man was supposed to be.” And if I must say so myself, Josh’s personal wardrobe seems to echo the rugged yet tailored style-child these two men would give birth to. That’s a crazy image, eh? Don’t believe? Read and look ahead.


  • The One with all the Shirts.
    The One with all the Shirts.

    Pare-down or stock up?
    Since I was in college, I have lived by the rule that for any one new item I purchase, I have to trade out an equivalent item. I think I started this when I lived in the dorms, and I had limited closet space. Now it has become a matter of determining want. If I REALLY want something I have to rectify in my head what I am trading out in my closet for it as a purchase. I think this keeps me from buying things impulsively, as well as prevents too much stuff accumulating in my closet.

  • The One with a Dream Denim Collection.
    The One with a Dream Denim Collection.

    How do you decide what to wear each day?
    I typically take everything back to the jeans and boots I decide to wear. I am a big proponent of dry denim, so typically am only rotating between two pairs of jeans: one that I am trying to break in and the other that is maybe already a year or so into its life and more comfortable. Once I decide on my jeans, I normally pick out my boots.

  • The One with the Boot Collection.
    The One with the Boot Collection.

    “I have about six pairs of boots I rotate among in fall/ winter months, so right now I am wearing these Alden for Leather Soul natural-colored wingtips or these zip up To Boot New York boots that my dad got me for Christmas.”

  • The One with the Shoe Laces.
    The One with the Shoe Laces.

    Three things you’d die without:
    I think I’d be pretty broken up if I no longer had my Alden Indy boots. Sara got those for me last Christmas, and they are the most comfortable shoes I have ever owned. The sole forms to your foot and the leather ages so well.

    My LVC 1947s. These are shrink-to-fit and are the best of the LVC line. Not skinny, but not baggy either. I have washed these twice now in the ocean… while wearing them. I think because of the classic cut on them, I will be wearing them for another decade without a second thought.

    [Editor's Note: For the third item, see the next slide.]

  • The One with a Gift from a Girl.
    The One with a Gift from a Girl.

    Three things you’d die without (part two):
    My Makr canvas farm ruck sack. I use it daily to cart my computer and books all over the place. Sara gave this to me on our one year anniversary, and I haven’t had more than a day or two go by in the years since that I haven’t used it.

  • The One Tom Ford Would be Proud Of.
    The One Tom Ford Would be Proud Of.

    Make-Up/ Hair/ Beauty recommendation?
    For fragrance I love a brand called Bois 1920. It is an Italian fragrance made in small batches. The bottle it’s held in alone takes 5 hours to produce. Unlike most men’s fragrances, this isn’t too perfume-y or fruity and can literally be worn year round since most of the notes are more masculine in nature rather than seasonal. I also love Hanae Mori’s (a Japanese line) house fragrance. Lastly, to me the best national creator is Tom Ford. His Black Orchid and Azure Lime are becoming daily standards.

  • The One that Should be an Ad Campaign.
    The One that Should be an Ad Campaign.

    Describe your personal style.
    My personal style is a cross between urban fits with heritage brands. I grew up in a small town in Indiana for most of my life so brands like Filson, Carhartt, Red Wing, and Pendleton were all staples. But since I wanted to stand out from my peers, I often mixed it with prep staples as a kid like Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger and Lacoste. Though that was 15 years ago, things haven’t changed much.

  • The One with the Ties.
    The One with the Ties.

    Where are your favorite places to shop?
    My favorite place overall to shop has to be Barneys. That is probably the thing I miss the most from Chicago was the Barneys off of Oak and Rush. Pretty much has everything covered there. Plus their year-end sales are insane.

    My favorite place in Kansas City to shop is Standard Style/ Baldwin Men’s Shop. I think what Matt and Emily Baldwin have done is create a really mini-department store housing some of the best collections, but also building a brand through Baldwin that gives KC some national exposure. I remember 5 years ago discovering the store shortly after they’d expanded to the Plaza and being blown away by the selection.

    Another great boutique I really enjoy is Hudson & Jane in Crestwood. Really impressed by the shirting they have custom-made for them from New England. I have a purple heavyweight shirt from there, which is a staple for me this winter.

  • The One with the Pocket Knives.
    The One with the Pocket Knives.

    “I almost always carry a pocketknife.”

  • The One with the Belts.
    The One with the Belts.

    “Canvas, leather and denim are all pieces I try to work in almost daily. Things that will build a beautiful patina to them with time and hard wear.”

  • The One with the Tattoos.
    The One with the Tattoos.

    “On my right arm is the quill, which in essence is a reminder of the ability to both think rationally while being open and creative. I really felt like a quill encompassed all of those things.

    On my other arm is several pieces. The first tattoo I ever got was a cross, which I recognize now was kinda the most standard tattoo to get next to getting a butterfly on my lower back. So, I went over to Freaks on Broadway and told this guy, Juan, that I just wanted some stuff to just go all around it.

    Then, on my chest, I’ve got a couple of things. Me and my friend, Adam, have matching tattoos that say, “Andrizomai,” which means Act like a man. We got them in college when we were both coming out of unhealthy relationships as a pact that we were going to be better boyfriends in our next relationships. So, yeah, we were super cool and got matching tattoos.”

  • The One with a... Sock Monkey.
    The One with a… Sock Monkey.

    “Style is really just a reflection of your life experiences born out on the outside. Take risks. You will likely be mocked for wearing some items at some time, but take it in stride. When was keeping your head down and trying to fit in ever a trait we wanted our kids to aspire to? “

  • The One with a Father and Son.
    The One with a Father and Son.

    “I love the way things age with time, so I really like old and worn pieces. I have a Carhartt coat my dad got the year before I was born that I still wear. Looks better now than when it was brand new. I now have a blanket-lined Baldwin denim jacket that I envision my kids wearing the same way one day.”

  • The End.
    The End.

    Advice for fellow wardrobe-enthusiasts?
    Most fashion is cyclical. My dad has dressed the same as long as I can remember. When I was in high school I was embarrassed by his no-break khakis and boat shoes with tucked in body-hugging polos. Now I think, “Dang, my dad has style!” Now, I am glad he didn’t take my advice to wear baggier jeans and oversized basketball shoes.