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Leslie Kinsman -

  • The Introduction.
    The Introduction.

    Leslie Kinsman is my sartorial soulmate. Big boots, both mod and hippie dresses from the 60′s and 70′s and the coolest ombre hair I’ve seen this side of the Mississippi. [Editor's Note: Guys, it's natural. Shet.] Seriously, everything this girl owns, touches, or looks at instantly becomes that much cooler. And that’s why I’m falling in love with her. Seriously.

    Not to mention the fact (but I’m going to) that when I arrived at her Westside home one chilly mid-morning, she greeted me with a warm cup of coffee and a welcoming embrace. Not a bad first impression at all. The next thing I know, an hour has passed, and we’re still sitting on her front porch philosophizing love, careers, and the difficulty of being 24 and still having no idea what you’re doing with your life.

    But that’s not technically here nor there. After discussing the trivial matter of our lives’ directions, we started talking about the real shet. And by real shet, I mean fashion shet. In addition to having a keen eye regarding how to perfectly curate her slightly rock’n'roll x fairy dust (think Florence Welch not on steroids) fashion sense, all of her friends apparently have the same discriminating eye when it comes to Leslie’s wardrobe.

    It seemed as though half of everything I poked and prodded (pink wigs, 70′s paintings, colorful shoes), Leslie quickly chimed in with a friend or family member who had so graciously gifted her the respective items. And if one single lesson was learned this day, it’s that I have to start making new friends who are going to give me things without any real rhyme or reason. Leslie, you’ve got to hold onto those friends. It’s a real rarity for a pink wig to be shipped from Utah. Believe me.

    But all this pomp and circumstance aside, Leslie Kinsman is just plain ol’ cool. She’s effortlessly cool, which damnit, most of us don’t posses that quality. That quality that enables you to nonchalantly be playing Joni Mitchell in the background as you explain what a finger harp is whilst stacking on one of the best turquoise collections ever. That’s. Just. Cool.

    So, without further delay, the coolest girl I know.


  • The One with All My Favorites.
    The One with All My Favorites.

    “I’ve placed vigil candles around my house mostly for aesthetic and to pay homage to my hood!”

  • The One with a Bit of Skin.
    The One with a Bit of Skin.

    Describe your personal style.

    Utilitarian bohemian, if there is such a thing.

  • The One with Notes and Nonsense.
    The One with Notes and Nonsense.

    Fashion inspiration:

    My friends, New York City, and the 1970′s, dude!

  • The One All Red.
    The One All Red.

    Pare-down or stock up your wardrobe?

    Pare-down on daily looks. Stock up on weekend pieces. You’ll thank yourself later. I’ve sold a couple dresses in the past I wish I hadn’t!

  • The One with All Those Boots.
    The One with All Those Boots.

    Items you splurge on. Why?

    BOOTS. They’re an investment for me, so I keep them simple in style. Lots of neutrals, lots of black but varying shapes! I think shoes make or break an outfit so I personally allow myself plenty of options.

  • The One with Those Legs.
    The One with Those Legs.

    Items you skimp on. Why?

    I skimp on skimpy. I’m over it. I’d rather wear a unique, bold-patterned dress with tights than a skinny mini in the dead of winter. Ladies, get a coat!

  • The One with a Bit of Sensuality.
    The One with a Bit of Sensuality.

    How do you decide what to wear everyday?

    I’m all over the place. If I’m feeling grungy or lazy, I’ll throw on the staple “canadian tuxedo” – denim on denim. If I’m going out, my efforts translate into more of a feminine look, usually involving the color black or some special vintage piece I found.

  • The One with Converse.
    The One with Converse.

    How does your work affect your wardrobe?

    If I get to wear what I want at work, I’m usually sporting the tomboy look with some jeans and high-top Converse. That’s kind of my daily uniform.

  • The One with a Tiny Skull.
    The One with a Tiny Skull.

    Where are your favorite places to shop?

    I LOVE thrifting. Some of my favorite items I’ve found just at the Lawrence Antique Mall. I’ve also turned into quite the online shopper (Gilt Groupe forever). If I want something special, my friends run a local online boutique called We Are Tribe. They find pieces I would have never thought could look so chic on a lady!

  • The One with a Rocking Chair.
    The One with a Rocking Chair.

    “When I moved in, I started buying all sorts of little trinkets to decorate my place with.” And while I’m definitely not hounding them every day for their stuff, my friends are too good to me and helped me furnish my new place. I feel at home when I wear a dress or sit on a couch that belonged to a friend! They’re lovely reminders.”

  • The One with a White Flamingo.
    The One with a White Flamingo.

    “This flamingo was here when we moved it. We decided he’d stay.”

  • The One with a Finger Harp.
    The One with a Finger Harp.

    “I think it’s called a kalimba, but I got both the finger harp and the pink cow skull from a friend. I basically got first dibs on her garage sale and scored some major digs.”

  • The One Sat Back and Relaxed.
    The One Sat Back and Relaxed.

    Advice you would give to fellow wardrobe-enthusiasts?

    Wear what makes you feel good, period. If you’re self conscious or uncomfortable in your clothes, it totally shows.

  • The One with Leslie's Chest of Drawers.
    The One with Leslie’s Chest of Drawers.

    Make-up/Hair/Beauty product recommendation?

    I’ve been using Lorac Natural Performance Foundation for a couple years now. It’s light and you really only need one pump. The stuff lasts me almost a year with each tube. Totally worth the price. Especially if you don’t wear a lot of facial makeup.

  • The One with Family Portraits.
    The One with Family Portraits.

    “My family is everything to me. Even though they live nearby, I like having photos of them around to remind myself to behave and call my mom regularly.”

  • The One with Some Turquoise.
    The One with Some Turquoise.

    Three things you would die without:

    My black Chelsea boots, Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap in Rose, and all my family’s turquoise jewelry that I’ve pretty much slowly hoarded to my apartment.