The Chest of Drawers

Margo May -

  • The Introduction.
    The Introduction.

    Margo May is charming as hell.

    Maybe charming isn’t even the right word. She’s a bit ineffable in the best sense of the word, which is exactly what your want your musicians to be. Over the course of our encounters, there were times I felt like Margo was a totally open book; she would tell me anything I asked, chirping along excitedly with me about all the happenings and whos of K.C. and beyond.

    But then there were these serenely quiet moments; the ones she didn’t quite realize I was witnessing where she revealed herself to be a quiet, pensive individual. Where everything got a little more still in the intoxicating aura that follows this girl around.

    And just as suddenly as these moments appeared, they would disappear within Margo’s insane trademark smile. This smile, followed by such an infectious laugh, were as common as my own breaths during our shoot.

    But onto the fashion! I first fell in love with little Margo when I saw this years ago. And now that I’ve been listening to it on repeat this morning, I love her even more. Much like the song, Margo (and more specifically, her fashion) is just easy. There’s nothing too complicated or fussy and yet you can’t stop enjoying.

    And enjoy I did as Margo paraded about her home on a slightly stormy day last week, swiftly changing from outfit to outfit, setting to setting, always exclaiming a new idea she had for the next set-up. “Why don’t I get into the tub with my boombox?! We won’t plug it in…?!” “I’m going to eat this orange while you shoot me!” See what I mean? Pure charm…

    Old t-shirts, crazy florals, and pretty much anything that remotely screams 90′s are Margo’s forte. And yet she doesn’t look like she’s playing dress-up or intentionally trying to channel a 90′s sitcom. It’s just what she is. Like perhaps she was born a decade or two too late.

    Lucky for us, she came when she did.


  • The One with Gems and Jammers.
    The One with Gems and Jammers.

    Things you can’t stop wearing:

    Marc Jacobs earrings, leggings from H&M, American Apparel undergarments, and RINGS, RINGS, RINGS. I always feel naked without a ring on my finger.

  • The One with the Chest of Drawers.
    The One with the Chest of Drawers.

    Pare-down or stock-up?

    I throw crap out all the time. I donate is what I mean to say. I hate when things feel old and stagnant. I rarely go on shopping splurges; I like to buy expensive things here and there, like my Marc Jacobs earrings. Worn ‘em every day since I got ‘em.

  • The One with Mickey Mouse.
    The One with Mickey Mouse.

    Describe your personal style:

    Lately I have been trying to dress the way I feel. I hate not feeling myself or comfortable in what I am wearing. I am into the whole idea of a 90′s or early 2000′s sentimental rock chick. Alanis Morrisette meets the cast of Friends and 90210. I still have my goth days. When I feel dark, I dress dark. When I feel light, I wear lots of prints and colorful socks.

  • The One with Her Grandmother's Mirror.
    The One with Her Grandmother’s Mirror.

    “Perfume and cleanliness are standard for me. I have to feel clean and smell good (as well as the fabrics of my clothes) for me to feel happy. Scent is huge. The scent you give off will carry you through life.”

  • The One with a Make-Up Bag.
    The One with a Make-Up Bag.

    Make-up/Hair/Beauty product recommendation?

    I literally know nothing about make-up. I use L’Oréal Paris Double Extend Mascara and have for 4 years. I don’t know how to put on eyeliner or eye shadow. Da-yum! I would love a make-over sometime! Lipstick is fun when I am in the mood, but a lot of times just gets on my teeth.

    I like Organix shampoo and conditioner. Rule of thumb: edible scents. If the scent is something you can eat it will most likely smell good on your body. I heard guys like the smell of bacon? “If she smells like bacon, cool! ” All the lotions, shampoos, soaps, perfumes, anything I wear has traces of fruit, sugar, chocolate, honey, vanilla, and candy. Yummy!

  • The One with a Goth in the Tub.
    The One with a Goth in the Tub.

    How do you decide what to wear every day?

    Sometimes it is so hard!!! I love looking and feeling good when I go out in public to do something with my friends. That is why we dress up, to show our friends. When I am with my friends, I feel more free and liberal.

  • The One with Black Lipstick.
    The One with Black Lipstick.

    “I am moody, though. Some days I just want to wear all white and not think about music. To have no identity… just a blank slate. I would say most of the time, however, I think of myself as a vessel for my songs, so I like to express that through what I wear. Whether that be through my wardrobe or the expression I wear on my face.”

  • The One with a Monogrammed Bible.
    The One with a Monogrammed Bible.

    How does your work affect your wardrobe?

    Modesty is key. We live in a man’s world, and even when we wear a mumu, men still gawk at us. Not all men are this way, but it is my experience in the work place from time to time.

  • The One with Some Bracelets.
    The One with Some Bracelets.

    “I really love this smiley-face bracelet. Isn’t it the best?!”

  • The One with a Rocking Chair.
    The One with a Rocking Chair.

    “I love Kansas City because I truly believe no one judges one another based on fashion within the art scene. I have learned to take risks here. Comfort is key, though. I have to wear something that makes my body look beautiful and maybe a tad sexy. “

  • The One with a Girlish Grin.
    The One with a Girlish Grin.

    Advice for fellow wardrobe-enthusiasts?

    Research is key. Find the people you admire and notice what they wear. I Google Alexa Chung, the Olsens (all three of ‘em), Vanessa Hudgens, Skye Ferreira, and Zoe Kravitz on a monthly basis. They are it-girls for a reason. I admire them for the work they create as well as just looking awesome.

  • The One with an Old Coach Purse.
    The One with an Old Coach Purse.

    Where are your favorite places to shop?

    American Apparel, Endless for shoes, We Are Tribe and Tangled Mane, but if I had tons more money I would shop at Marc Jacobs and Alexander Wang.

  • The End.
    The End.

    Three things you would die without:

    Dolce & Gabbanna Light Blue perfume, my iPod (ultimate accessory to get me through the day) and my friends.