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  • The Jewelry: Sara Cramer
    The Jewelry: Sara Cramer

    Name: Sara Cramer.

    Age: 23.

    Location: Crossroads.

    Jewelry Rules: Wear what you want, when you want! As long as you feel great and comfortable in what you’re wearing, your confidence will radiate to everyone around you.

    What are you looking for when you shop for jewelry? What I’m looking for when shopping for jewelry is something that is unique and special. These pieces are usually one of a kind, handmade or vintage finds.

    So much of your jewelry is from your travels around the world. Tell us more! I love to find jewelry while I’m traveling because it makes it that much more special. I find jewelry is a really great thing to collect when traveling because it’s easy to pack, carry, or wear while moving from place to place. I love it when metals come with a history and show character in the finish and patina. I have been fortunate enough to travel to some really amazing places abroad. Of course, I had enormous success finding some amazing pieces in Mexico, Jamaica, Peru and Ecuador of South America and Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos in Southeast Asia.

    In addition to your travels, where do you get a lot of your jewelry? I don’t have to go much further than my hometown of Kansas City to find really great jewelry. My friends and family know jewelry is my weakness (or a strength) so I often receive it as gifts from my sisters (I have six!), parents, or handmade from really talented friends like Jacey Joern, Kate E Burke, and Sheila Wong.

    Let’s hear a little anecdote about one of your favorite pieces. One of my favorite, favorite pieces is one that I can only wear on a very special occasion because it’s an earring necklace! I met a very wonderful designer at Penland School of Crafts named Ashley Jerman in our letterpress class. Not only did we both love this process but we both made jewelry as a hobby. I saw her wearing this innovative design and practically bought it right off her body.

    Silver or gold: It depends on what I’m wearing but right now, I’m in phase gold. I’m not afraid to wear gold and silver together. That’s actually how I prefer it. I love to wear black and brown together, with navy blue as well!

    Genuine or costume: Genuine. I usually go for a classy look unless I’m ready to party and get funky!

    Heirloom pieces: I only have a few heirloom pieces, which don’t get a lot of wear because I’m not into pearls at the moment. I know one day they will be essential to my wardrobe, and I cherish them.

    Are you a repeat offender or do you mix it up every day? While I’m getting dressed and picking jewelry I’m looking at texture, line quality, and tone to compliment the outfit. First, I decide if the jewelry should be dainty or the focal piece. Then I move into color, pattern, shape, and form. I ask myself questions of whether I am going for a monochromatic look or bold, complimentary or contrasting color schemes. Since my wardrobe is mostly basics and classic pieces, I use jewelry to change the look and style. I usually have one piece that I wear until I can’t stand it anymore. Right now, I wear this large gold double ring finger everyday. I’ve been wearing it for about ten months but I try to mix it up with different earrings or necklace. I also try to throw in a different piece everyday from my brand Handmade by Sara Cramer.

    [Editor’s Note: These earrings are my new absolute favorite. They’re so mod- Egyptian. However, these were my first Handmade by Sara Cramer item, and I kid you not, people stop me on the sidewalk asking about them. Pick up a pair before this woman’s business explodes, and she’s able to start charging hundreds of dollars.]