The Chest of Drawers

Sarah Hicks -

  • The Introduction.
    The Introduction.

    Mine and Sarah Hick’s relationship is a bit serendipitous.

    Let’s start at the beginning. I didn’t know her. She didn’t know me. We both happened to be at the Faction V12 Release Party.

    It was fun.

    As I stood sipping my Boulevard beer, casually and coolly examining all the fashion folk, a girl caught my eye. I spy with my little eye, the cutest girl at this party! She was tall, she was blonde, she was oh-so cool. And she had on THE. BEST. DRESS. EVA. She looked amazeballs. So, of course I went over and talked to her.

    Nope, that’s a lie. I just creepily thought how great she looked all night until I went home and tried to scheme up a way to 1.) find out what that dress was and 2.) find out who this girl was. However, the next morning I had completely forgotten all about the girl and the dress so my search came to a halt. I’m not crazy, guys! Mwahahahaha!

    But seriously. Fast forward a week or two and I’m styling a photo shoot with the supremely-talented Chris Mullins. The shoot goes swimmingly, so we all decide to pow-wow at his house. And who is there but Sarah! BUT! I don’t recognize her. It was dark at the Faction event, I’d had a few sips of beer (total lightweight), and it’d been two weeks! Everyone is laughing, and talking, and being allergic to dogs (oh, that was just me), but generally having a great time. So much so, that we all decide… to become Facebook friends.

    Just like any other self-respecting lady, I immediately click through all of Sarah’s photos and realize, wait for it, she is the girl in the great dress from the Faction party! OH MAH GAWD. Small world, right? Anyway, I quickly realize that her wardrobe choice the night of the Faction party (and even the night at Chris’s casa) was no mere fluke. This lady is stylish all the time.

    So, I decide to ask her that question every girl grows up imagining over and over being asked of her, “Will you be featured on The Chest of Drawers?”*


    *[Editor's Note: I'm not that delusional about theCoD yet. I don't really think anyone grew up imagining that.]

  • The One with Sarah's Chest of Drawers.
    The One with Sarah’s Chest of Drawers.

    Describe your personal style:
    I don’t like the idea of limiting myself to a certain type of look. I like to think of getting dressed as sort of getting into character, which means making each character believable.

  • The One with the Rainbow Rack.
    The One with the Rainbow Rack.

    Pare-down or stock-up?
    Definitely pare-down. I try to get rid of and resell as a way to purchase new things. I feel like I’m less likely to be tired of my outfits if I’m not bogged down with a ton of choices, and then I can always keep those options changing.

  • The One with a Little Bracelet.
    The One with a Little Bracelet.

    “My relationship with fashion started when I moved to California in 2006. I got rid of everything the didn’t fit in my two-door Saturn, which is really small. I learned to work with a limited wardrobe and it eventually became natural.”

  • The One with the Pinks, Red, and Purples... Oh My!
    The One with the Pinks, Red, and Purples… Oh My!

    Things you can’t stop wearing:
    I’m totally in LOVE with my House of Harlow 1960 sunburst cocktail ring. Despite its size, I feel like it’s super versatile and works with so many different looks.

  • The One with a Painted Portrait.
    The One with a Painted Portrait.

    Things you can’t stop wearing: (part two)
    I’m also really loving the coral color for my nail polish and lipstick; OPI has some really great shades.

    [Editor's Note: This is THE dress! The dress I was telling you about at the beginning! Just wait until you see the back...]

  • The One with a Little Lightness.
    The One with a Little Lightness.

    “For a brief moment (before my real career started) I worked as a counter buyer at a vintage/designer resale shop. Working there really helped me learn what makes for a classic/ timeless pieces and how to wear it in a modern way.”

  • The One with All That Back.
    The One with All That Back.

    Advice to fellow wardrobe enthusiast?
    Don’t limit yourself! It drives me crazy when people say that they can’t pull off a certain look. Maybe you can’t wear exactly what I’m wearing, but you can make any look work as long as you’re aware of how to fit your body and possess a bit of confidence.

  • The One with a Pink Blazer.
    The One with a Pink Blazer.

    How does your work affect your wardrobe?
    To be honest, I don’t even think about my job and how it should be reflected in my clothes. I work in a professional environment, so I try not to break too many rules, but I’m “me” in all fashion choices I make. Luckily, the company I work for tries to foster creativity.

  • The One with a Beauty Counter.
    The One with a Beauty Counter.

    Make-up/ Hair/ Beauty product recommendation?
    I try to keep my beauty routine pretty simple. I love LOVE my Elizabeth Arden facial moisturizer, the under-eye color corrector from Tarte, bronzing powder (usually whatever is on sale), a light smudge of pearl eye shadow from Maybelline, and I usually top it all off with a bold lip color or a soft gloss.

  • The One with Phoebe.
    The One with Phoebe.

    “I sometimes think that outfit ideas must come to me in my sleep because 9 times out of 10, I just get out of bed and know exactly what I want to wear. Putting an outfit together usually only takes me about 5 minutes in the morning.”

  • The One with a Hand Holding a Ballet Flat.
    The One with a Hand Holding a Ballet Flat.

    Where are your favorite places to shop?
    I’m an online shopping fiend! I try to buy used or vintage pieces as much as possible so eBay and I are BFF, but sites like iDeeli and Haute Look both know me on a first name basis.

  • The One Not of Chinese Checkers.
    The One Not of Chinese Checkers.

    “I read a lot of blogs and am on Pinterest a lot, so I guess I’m never short on inspiration.”

  • The End.
    The End.

    Three things you would die without:
    My House of Harlow 1960 sunburst cocktail ring, Banana Republic black blazer, and a tube of Maybelline Superstay 24 Hour Lip Color.