The Chest of Drawers

Tera Coughlin -

  • The Introduction.
    The Introduction.

    I knew of Tera Coughlin long before I actually knew her. She was the manager at Standard Style Boutique on the Country Club Plaza, and I was working my way through college at Hemline, also on the the C.C.P. And just as all retail employees do, we shopped at the store next door on our lunch breaks.

    It was from these brief encounters over the years that I learned Tera is hardcore. She’s a hardcore wife and mother, hardcore salsa maker, and last, but certainly not least, she’s a hardcore fashionista (don’t you hate that word as much as I do?).

    This girls knows what she likes, what she hates, and makes zero apologies for it. It’s this kind of confidence that I so appreciate in a sartorialist. An individual who has no gruffs when you tell her you hate her shoes (betchy fashion girls like myself often tell you things like this straight-up) because, damnit, she loves them and doesn’t care what you think. It’s this attitude, more-so than the actual clothes on her back, that made me want to feature Tera on theCoD.

    However, don’t get me wrong, while Tera’s perspective is awesome, her wardrobe is ahhhhhmazing. As you thumb through one of the five clothing racks in her closet, pieces pop out at you as representative of different periods in her life. Smart blazers, whimsical tops, and my personal favorite, green leather “clubbing” pants. [Editor's Note: Tera's words, not mine.] After school, Tera lived in New York City for nearly a decade working first at the Soho Grand Hotel, and years and internship later, at RJ Graziano. She is now going on her fourth year as part of the Standard Style family.

    Despite a number of career changes and a serious geographical move, Tera has remained unflinching in her commitment to her style. Working in the fashion industry, you often meet people who are constantly switching up their look in an effort to be the trendiest, fashion-forward person in the room. Tera manages to be the best-dressed in the room every time because she has mastered the ability to remain true to herself while switching up the tiniest aspect of her outfit in an effort to remain relevant. Ladies and gentlemen, take note.


  • The One with all the Denim.
    The One with all the Denim.

    Pare-down or stock up?
    I’m a hoarder when it comes to my closet. I don’t get rid of anything. You will find items that I have hung onto since high school/college. Fashion comes full circle so I love bringing out the old! You never know when something is going to come back!

  • The One with Tera's Shelves and Racks.
    The One with Tera’s Shelves and Racks.

    “Here are all of my shoes. [Editor's Note: Pictured is about a fourth of this woman's immaculate shoe collection.] I try to organize everything by color. This way, when I’m in a “nude mood,” which I am most of the time, I know wear I’m going. I also have some of my older shoes here that I’m not ready to part with because, you know, they might come back! You never know!”

  • The One with the Earrings.
    The One with the Earrings.

    “I love, love jewelry. I’ve been a collector of jewelry forever. I worked for an accessories company, RJ Graziano, for awhile so I obtained a lot of pieces from them, and I’ve really kept a lot of pieces from growing up- some of my mom’s stuff, some of my aunt’s stuff.”

  • The One with the Scents.
    The One with the Scents.

    “Right now I’m wearing Prada. I’m into the Prada and the Jo Malone; they’re my two go-tos right now. If I’m just running around during the day, I wear Angel by Thierry Mugler. “

  • The One with a Lady in White.
    The One with a Lady in White.

    Describe your personal style.
    I’m very eclectic. I love fun, trendy pieces, flowy pretty tops with great jeans, and bohemian- style separates. I especially love anything white/ winter white and always love a great piece of jewelry.

  • The One with a Make-Up Bag.
    The One with a Make-Up Bag.

    Make-up /Hair /Beauty product recommendation?

    Make-up: My make-up routine is very basic. I think the reason is that I don’t know how to do my make-up. I don’t wear a lot on my face. I like to moisturize, exfoliate, and do peels and all that, but it’s a stretch for me to get a full face on.

    Hair products: I like to add volume to my roots so I recommend Matrix Vavoom-Take Me Higher. Also, I found this wonderful shampoo, Wen. For those of who are unaware, I suggest you look into this product immediately. It works wonders to keep hair less frizzy and naturally straight.

    Beauty: I love OPI nail polish in You Don’t Know Jacques; it’s a great dark, greyish neutral that really works on all skin tones.

  • The One with a Bath and Beads.
    The One with a Bath and Beads.

    “If I have something casual on, I like to throw on a chunky piece of jewelry to kinda vamp it up a bit. I really love a good chunky necklace; I don’t really wear a ton of delicate necklaces.”

  • The One with Her Favorites.
    The One with Her Favorites.

    Things you can’t stop wearing:
    Any pair of nude shoes, my white boyfriend blazer, and Baldwin jeans in The Rose cut.

    [Editor's Note: The Rose can be seen on page 2 and 3 of the Baldwin Lookbook.]

  • The One with a Wedding.
    The One with a Wedding.

    “For my wedding day, which was May 20, 2006, I ordered these pieces through RJ Graziano. The pearls I wore around my neck were my grandmother’s. In my wedding dress there is a pattern of a beaded bow, and I love bows, and this jewelry really reflected that style. Actually this frame is RJ Graziano, too.”

  • The One with the Diamond Room.
    The One with the Diamond Room.
  • The One with the Turquoise.
    The One with the Turquoise.

    “The turquoise bracelet and ring are my aunt’s.”

  • The One with the Pretty Prints.
    The One with the Pretty Prints.

    Advice to fellow wardrobe enthusiasts?
    Be yourself. Wear what is comfortable and natural for you. Don’t mimic others because chances are it won’t be the right look for you. I’m not saying don’t be creative or adventurous, but don’t go out of your element.

  • The One with the First Times.
    The One with the First Times.

    “When I was transitioning from leaving my position at the Soho Grand Hotel in New York, I was trying to find work as a stylist. After having no luck, I found an internship with Aeffe, which is the holding company of Alberta Ferretti, Moschino, and Jean Paul Gaultier. And these are the first designer pieces I purchased while working with the company.”

    [Editor's Note: Tera now thinks the yellow Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti top on the left is heinous, but "will never" get rid of green slingbacks by the same designer. That's a shame, because I would pay the prettiest penny I own for those green beauties.]

  • The End.
    The End.

    Three things you would die without:
    My husband, Brett, my son, Harrison, and my iPhone.