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Winifred Wright -

  • The Introduction.
    The Introduction.

    Winifred Wright is KC’s current it-girl. I feel I have to deem her so because KC is yet to have it’s own version of page 6 that would inform us of the city’s new crown princess. So, there that is. The Chest of Drawers is currently KC’s version of page 6. Well, without the smutty gossip. Okay, maybe just a bit…

    ANYWAY, I have no fears about deeming Winifred KC’s latest girl-to-know because she is. As I was getting this post together and talking to people about W.W.’s upcoming feature on this site, the same verbatim statement was said again and again, “That girl is AWESOME. I love Winifred.” Everyone from pretty, girly hair stylists to bro-dudes I chat it up with on the daily at work all possess the same sentiment towards this shaved-head vixen: she’s the bomb.

    And she really is. From our very first visit, this girl had zero qualms with letting her freak flag fly. And by letting her freak flag fly, I mean greeting me sweetly sleepy-eyed at the door in nothing but the teeniest knickers and an old micro t-shirt like we were sisters who had seen each other at our most intimate moments our entire lives.

    Not that prancing around your magical garden home (more on that in a bit) in your skivvies automatically makes you an it-girl, but it certainly helps. Hint, hint, nudge, nudge. Especially when the guiding force behind said prancing is one that has no idea how enigmatic, how powerful, and how lovely its effect is. Winifred is the bomb according to everyone else because she doesn’t even notice how ‘the bomb’ she is. Nor, does she really care.

    Besides, she’s too busy flitting from one of her fourteen jobs to the next. And of course, they’re all super cool. She’s a jack-of-all trades at a happening design firm, a wine-slinger at Amigoni Vineyard and Winery, AND works at the place to be seen this summer, Port Fonda.

    I know what you’re thinking. Man, if I was working that many jobs, I sure would like to have a nice place to come home to. Fear not theCoD readers! Winifred has it covered. This girl resides in the most amazing hidden cottage in all of KC. This secret garden paradise, which you’ll see throughout the post, is located on a KC street usually reserved for Mexican restaurants and old dilapidated factories. But there it exists. A little home covered head-to-toe in wild and domesticated vegetation. A little home whose interior is just as job-dropping as its exterior with strange odds and ends hung, strewn, and placed about in such a way that one could never possibly claim they’ve seen it all.

    Which, if we’re looking for a way to wrap up this introductory paragraph, the previous statement serves well. Winifred herself is a series of juxtapositions much like her quirky home. Her exterior is a mixture of wild (that hair!) and groomed (that perfect liquid-lined cat eye) while her soul suggests a space that despite however well you think you know her, she will still possess inifinite secret nooks and veiled crannies she’s not quite ready to reveal.


  • The One with 99 Problems, but a Bitch Ain't One.
    The One with 99 Problems, but a Bitch Ain’t One.

    Describe your personal style.

    I would have to describe my personal style as playful but structured. I have rules in my head that are hard to verbalize, but I just know when I see a look come together that says, “Yes. This is Winifred.” A lot of my “looks” come from who I want to become in a moment, almost like costumes in a play, but with a very real essence.

  • The One with That Face.
    The One with That Face.

    Items you skimp on. Why?

    I skimp on anything if I can. I do my research and shop around. I always shop sales, closeouts, thrift stores… my mom’s basement. No one says you have to spend money to look good. Something you should never skimp on? Your confidence and character. Anything you wear on your body should support that and help it shine.

  • The One with a Quiet Closet.
    The One with a Quiet Closet.

    Items you splurge on. Why?

    What’s a splurge? I don’t spend that much money on anything. I think my most expensive pair of heels was $150. Although, I did splurge on a handbag from Coach… $400? I know Coach is like the Walmart of designer brands these days, but I like how classic and practical it is for an every day bag. I’m not a brand whore so I guess that keeps the cost down. Haha.

  • The One with a Utensil Lamp.
    The One with a Utensil Lamp.

    Insanely, amazingly eclectic items like this are found all of Winifred’s house. I still cannot get over the fact that this woman actually resides in this magical fairy residence day-in-day-out. Where else in the entire history of your life have you seen something like this?

  • The One with The Sequined Jacket.
    The One with The Sequined Jacket.

    Things you can’t stop wearing?

    I am currently in love with this blazer I have that has a gold antique sequin lapel. I love wearing it with skinny black pants, or a great dress, and my DVF black suede platforms. It’s been working for me for 3 seasons now… I can’t see how it won’t be great for summer.

  • The One with a Vignette.
    The One with a Vignette.

    First “adult” fashion purchase?

    It’s taken me the past two years to really push my style and evolve it into something a little less… juvenile, but in 2010, I bought this killer silk cocktail dress from a consignment store. The silhouette is super clean and feminine, and the print of the dress is fabulous. I think that was the first piece I bought that started to forge my adult fashion identity. I do, however, often revert to more playful colors and shapes, so maybe I maintain a sense of the child within myself that way. I think most women think of their first “adult” fashion purchase as something expensive and designer. I’m not really into either of those things so to me it was more about what the piece says about me when I wear it, rather than where I was during the initial purchase.

  • The One with a Chunky Monkey
    The One with a Chunky Monkey

    Anyone who knows me remotely well knows I am a cat fanatic. Therefore, it was only fitting that I included this shot of the sweetest, chunkiest kitty that resides with Winifred. This little pu$$y shares the space with another feline friend, but he is aloof and couldn’t be reached for comment. Also, I don’t think he understood what The Chest of Drawers is.

  • The One with Flannel.
    The One with Flannel.

    Where are your favorite places to shop?

    For new apparel: Some of my favorite places to shop include online retailers like Asos and Topshop. I am a sucker for online retail. I’m also a huge fan of Etsy — very great for unique pieces.

  • The One with a Little Girl.
    The One with a Little Girl.

    How does your work affect your wardrobe?

    I work in a small studio in front of a computer most days, so comfort and simplicity are key. I buy pieces that work in many combinations and use layers because it’s often cold in the morning and hot in the afternoon. One of my favorite things to wear to work right now is this pair of cool grey nylon slacks. The details are more akin to a 5 pocket jean, but the fabric creates a really clean line on my silhouette, and it’s perfect with a smart pair of flats and a wrap sweater. Most days in the office, I let the accessories shine.

  • The One with a Packed Drawer.
    The One with a Packed Drawer.

    For gently used and vintage apparel: Much of my look stems from combining new and old pieces in a whimsical way. Some of my favorite vintage retailers include Donna’s Dress Shop, and the overwhelming variety of thrift stores in the greater KC area. I always find the best stuff on the outskirts of the city.

    Shout out to my girl Sara Cramer, whose black-and-white beaded earrings can be seen on the upper right. Winifred is an OG Sara Cramer client.

  • The One with a Pouty Pout.
    The One with a Pouty Pout.

    How do you decide what to wear everyday?

    I generally change clothes at least twice a day because most of my looks are based on my mood or an impression I want to create. It’s very “fly by the seat of my pants” in my dressing room most days. I just keep trying things until it looks “right”.

  • The One with Laundry the Ol' Fashioned Way.
    The One with Laundry the Ol’ Fashioned Way.

    Pare-down or stock up your wardrobe?

    I constantly struggle with creating a balance between these two. I get bored easily, so one thing that helps me is a constant rotation. I don’t do laundry until I am completely out of things to wear, which keeps me from going back to the same 4 or 5 items. It also pushes me to be creative with what is left, because you know, as soon as you do laundry, you wear all of your “favorite” pieces immediately. Doing that is also great for helping me quickly determine what isn’t working for me. I have no problem with letting things go if they don’t get used.

  • The One with a Blue Sink.
    The One with a Blue Sink.

    Make-up/Hair/Beauty product recommendation?

    If there’s one thing I constantly lust after, it’s perfume. I am such a fan of Tokyo Milk right now it’s not even funny. I’m currently wearing No. 62 Tainted Love. Where to buy? Bloom Bath Co. in Lawrence has the whole line.

  • The One We Didn't Mean to Shoot.
    The One We Didn’t Mean to Shoot.

    Advice you would give to fellow wardrobe-enthusiasts?

    My advice is, if a look isn’t working while you’re trying to get ready, there’s a reason. Don’t stress. J.ust step back and try it from a different angle.

  • The End.
    The End.

    Three things you would die without:

    I make a point to tell myself every day that I might come home to a burnt down house and my entire wardrobe will be lost; it’s a practice in letting go of “things”, which is a big part of my spirituality. Of course I freak out a bit initially, but there’s just so much great stuff out there to be had, I don’t know that I would really die without anything I currently own. But in general, my wardrobe must always contain a great blazer, a hot pair of heels, and a smart pair of skinny pants. I’m very french that way– I need my simple mainstays.